Type of Squint

An introduction to different types of strabismus.

Video Transcript:

A squint or strabismus refers to a misalignment of the eyes. There are many different types of squint, but broadly speaking they can be divided into the following groups:


An esotropia is the medical name for a convergent squint where one eye turns in towards the nose.


An exotropia is the medical name for a divergent squint where the one eye turns outwards.

Hypertropias and Hypotropias

These terms refer to vertical squints where one eye is higher (hypertropia) or lower (hypotropia) than the fellow eye.

There are a number of different types of squint in each of these three groups, which have their own individual characteristics and treatments.

Paralytic Squints

There are three nerves which send signals to the six eye muscles, these are the third, fourth and sixth cranial nerves. Damage to these nerves as result of poor blood supply to the nerve, pressure on the nerve or head injuries will cause limited eye movements and a squint.